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  • "I love, love, love this resource. It was my first time covering the Middle Ages with my 4th graders, and this packet gave me a great start with lots of information and visuals. We especially liked the student notes section, and informative but really fun write-ups. This is truly a great resource. Thanks so much for sharing!"
    Medieval Times C. Graham - -
  • "So many great activities to use with this unit!! Fun for the students!"
    MEDIEVAL TIMES - Provincial Curriculum Michelle Gallagher
  • "Absolutely love this, such a great resource!"
    Animal Life Cycles C.Kerns - -
  • "Excellent variety of content included in this resource, thanks!"
    Charlie & The Great Glass Elevator (Novel Study) S. Colley - -
  • "Nice for challenge activities!"
    Mind Games & Puzzles mrsarrant12

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